We identify indoor air quality risks in your building portfolio, so that you may tackle them early on.


We take care of measuring devices for you.


All your indoor air quality information in one system.


Experts analyse your indoor air quality information and recommend action.


Choose the services that you need.


FREESI-DAAS™ is a cost-effective and scalable Device As A Service to collect indoor air quality data from your building portfolio.

We make the measuring plan, choose and validate the devices, finance them, install, maintain and update them, and transfer the measurement data to FREESICLOUD™.


With FREESICLOUD™ tools for property management you can lead indoor air quality development in your building porftolio.

Connect your existing systems with API-interfaces, for example by importing your building automation data. We validate, harmonize and enrich your measurement data, so that you may take full use of it.


FREESIPARTNER™ is the most scalable and economical way to analyze indoor air quality in your building portfolio.

For a fixed monthly cost, a team of experts detect indoor air quality risks, suggest technical solutions for managing them and helps you track the success of improvement actions.

Features and benefits.

Advanced risk management

Manage indoor air quality risks in your building portfolio with risk reports, recommendations and project tracking.

Predictive maintenance

Stay one step ahead by taking preventive action to tackle technical risks.

Save costs and people

Save costs by managing indoor air quality risks and secure healthy conditions for building users.

Scalable service model

Start immediately without investments. Scale your entire building porftolio or start small and expand at your convenience.

Part of maintenance process

Integrate to building automation, property management, energy management and your other systems.

Communication tools

Build trust by reporting indoor air quality conditions to building users.


We help you achieve your indoor air quality goals and targets.


Our services enable you to detect developing indoor air quality risks in your building porftolio.

An expert engineering team recommends technical solutions and helps you track the results and success of any action you decide to take.


Our service helps you ensure that the indoor air quality conditions in your building portfolio are within industry standards and that you comply to regulations.

Applied standards and regulations are individually identified for each building automatically for coherent reporting.


Humidity presents significant risks to the building throughout all stages in its life cycle.

Our service helps tackle the most significant risks in the building construction stage, in the operation stage and during improvement projects.


Our service identifies energy savings potential in heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Connect your energy management system for a perfect tool set for sustainable and economical building management.

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Property management facts

Responsible property management is significant factor for any public or private company's economy, sustainablity and employee well-being.

15 % of buildings in Finland have problems with indoor air quality and 800.000 finns are exposed to poor indoor air quality on a daily basis. We spend 90 % of our time indoors and 35 % of short-term sick leaves could be avoided with good indoor air quality.

Furthermore, it is known that predictive maintenance can save up to 30 % compared to delayed repairing. Investments to indoor air quality have a very fast payback period.

Savings up to
with predictive maintenance
People are indoors
of their time
Indoor air problems in
of buildings
Up to
less sick leaves

Take control of indoor air quality in your building portfolio.


Discover your improvement potential

Have the building users expressed any symptoms of poor indoor air quality?

Is your building automation modern and has it been maintained properly?

Have the needs of the users or usage of the building changed over time?


Set goals for indoor air quality

Do you have a preventive indoor air quality process?

Have you set quantifiable goals and targets for your indoor air quality work?

How do you know if the indoor air quality is good right now?


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