Prevent indoor air quality problems and enable predictive maintenance in your building portfolio.


Collect real-time indoor air quality data with a cost-effective and scalable Device-As-A-Service turnkey-solution and take control of indoor air quality in your building portfolio.

We make the measuring plans, choose and validate the devices, finance them, install, maintain and update them, and transfer the measurement data to FREESICLOUD™.

  • Cost-efficient solution

    We have optimized the total cost for IoT-device management. Start without investments and enjoy the lowest fees in the industry.

  • Focus on your work, not on devices

    We install, maintain, calibrate, update and finally exchange and recycle the devices. You never have to think about them.

  • Continuous peace of mind

    We monitor the devices and validate the measurements. You can enjoy 24/7 access to real-time indoor air quality data in your building portfolio.

  • Become a better indoor air quality leader

    Better indoor air quality information enables you to detect risks that otherwise would be missed.

  • Connect with your other systems

    Connect to building automation, building management, energy management and other systems with API-interfaces.

  • Modern and secure cloud service

    Your data is always secure and backed up in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified cloud service.


Cloud-based tools enable property managers to lead indoor air quality processes and to track results for large building portfolios.

Put your current data to good use by connecting your building automation, building management, energy management and other systems.

We validate, harmonize and enrich the measurement data and help you detect risks that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Easily deploy the most scalable and economical way to analyze indoor air quality in your entire building portfolio.

For a fixed monthly cost, a team of experts detect indoor air quality risks, suggest technical solutions for managing them and helps you track the success of improvement actions

  • IAQ-index and technical reports

    Indoor Air Quality -index enables you to track the success of your improvement actions and to take charge of indoor conditions in your building portfolio.

  • Predictive maintenance

    We recognize developing indoor air quality risks in your building portfolio and recommend actions to technically manage them.

  • Project tracking

    Track your improvement actions and ensure they deliver the results that you planned for.

Freesi CloudControl


  • Work more efficiently

    We will help you to work more efficiently and to deliver higher quality in building maintenance.

  • Detect indoor air quality risks

    With our services you can detect and manage risks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    You will get a better grip on the technical condition of your buildings, spot malfunctions and improvement opportunities in building automation, and discover the risks that the buildings' users cause.

  • Tackle the risks before they tackle you

    We will help you prioritize indoor air quality risks in your building portfolio and our technical suggestions will help you take appropriate action. Finally, you will be able to measure the impact of those actions.

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