Press Release | Nov 13, 2019

HEAL, an open business platform co-created by Stora Enso and Trä Group, announces a technology partnership with IISY, an indoor climate specialist with AI-driven analytics. The two parties will begin joint development work to find new ways of enabling efficient measuring of indoor climate with the aim of improving the overall health of buildings.

Today, just in Finland 15 % of buildings have problems with indoor air quality and 800.000 Finns are exposed to poor indoor air quality daily. 90 % of our time is spent indoors and 35 % of short-term sick leaves could be avoided with good indoor air quality.

“Health problems caused by poor indoor air quality being one of the focus areas for HEAL, we have been searching for a partner that has the ambition and expertise to solve this issue. We are excited to integrate and secure a solid collaboration with IISY”, says David Blomquist, Head of HEAL and Digital Advisor at Stora Enso.

“It is known that predictive maintenance can save up to 30 % compared to delayed repairing. Investments to indoor air quality have a very fast payback period”, adds Jan-Kristian Westerlund, Chief Commercial Officer at IISY.

The IISY turnkey-solution is already used by over 70 public and private actors with large property portfolios and it is deployed in over 600.000 square meters of commercial properties and offices, schools and daycare properties, hospitals and care facilities, as well as large residential properties.

Jan-Kristian Westerlund is looking forward to cooperating with HEAL and to have their products utilized by new clients.

“The aim of the collaboration is to seek further improvements how property management can impact any public or private company’s economy, sustainability and employee well-being.”

“When it comes down to co-operation, IISY and HEAL share the same mind set: instead of doing development work alone, we aim to build collaboration where each actor can focus on their core competences, generating solutions and results that are beneficial for everyone”, Blomquist ends.

About IISY
IISY is a digital indoor climate specialist that helps property managers to lead indoor climate development in large property portfolios with its digital solution called Freesi Indoor Climate Service. The company was founded in 2017 with a mission for “Healthier Buildings. Healthier People.” and since then Freesi Indoor Climate Service has established itself as the market leader in Finland for digitalized expert services for indoor climate development. https://iisy.fi

About HEAL
Co-created by Stora Enso and Trä Group, HEAL is an open business platform with the aim to shape a future of healthy affordable living. Bringing together shared know-how in design, business, and technology, we unlock opportunities across the building cycle and the construction industry, innovating and optimising for greater efficiency and joint value by collaboration. http://heal.fi

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